Holistic Fitness for Prenatal & Postpartum Moms

Expertly cued and form focused workouts that generate results, increase bodily longevity, and equip moms with the strength and knowledge necessary to lead life feeling empowered and confident in their bodies.

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Welcome to NourishedAF

I'm Kathleen!

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Pilates instructor & Registered Dietitian who combines her rockstar skills into giving clients expertly cued and form focused workouts that generate results. I’ve reimagined traditional fitness into a more holistic and integrative approach. That means I take YOU into account and work to strengthen your imbalances to make you stronger than ever before. YES! It is possible to be stronger (with less pain!) AFTER your baby is here.

I have a passion for giving my clients tough workouts that leave them feeling invigorated and accomplished when they are finished. Never satisfied with the status quo, I’m constantly researching to give my clients the latest and greatest. I want you to leave my workouts feeling stronger and like you understand your body more deeply.

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Beginner's Guide to Prenatal Fitness

Progress happens with a strong foundation. This guide aims to give you the building blocks needed to take your prenatal workout to the next level. Not only will you learn how to properly breath and engage your core when pregnant, but I’ll also give you tips to take in your next workout.

Let me equip you with the tools necessary to safely workout while pregnant and rebuild your postpartum body. 


Build a strong foundation

Pre and Postpartum Fitness Membership & Courses

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in ways I did not anticipate. I found and entirely new mind body awareness and was completely humbled when I started working out in my postpartum body.

Nourished AF aims to encourage women at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum to move in a way that makes them feel strong and accomplished through body awareness, mindful connection, and purposeful movement.

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Welcome to NourishedAF

The idea behind Nourished AF was born a little over two and a half years ago; Before I was pregnant, and sure as heck before I had any idea how much work went into balancing mom life and my personal sanity.

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