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If you're anything like me, you've done your research - likely with a glass of wine in hand. You're pretty dang sure I'm the gal for you. I'd love to connect to see how I can make your goals reality.

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"I’ve been working with Kathleen for a year in Pilates, in both private and group session settings. Kathleen is extremely well educated in Pilates, anatomy especially muscles and movement, as well as nutrition. Kathleen’s expertise, enthusiasm, and passion for Pilates kickstarted my interest in the practice, and has continued to fuel my desire to strengthen and deepen my own practice. Kathleen’s attentiveness makes me feel safe in my practice, and she uses that attentiveness to challenge me while ensuring I’m comfortable, confident, and set up for success. Our private sessions are a highlight of my week, and her Pilates Bootcamp class is my favorite group fitness class. Her passion for Pilates shines in her creativity, intentionality, and care. I’m very grateful to have Kathleen in my life as my body, mind, and spirit have benefited from her deep knowledge!"
Lainee T.

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Longing for the personalized attention only a one on one session can provide?  A private session may be for you! A private session will provide you with all the extra bang for your buck and allow us to pinpoint your individual goals and formulate an action plan to ensure you meet them. I’m currently accepting clients for my waitlist. 

Click Here to inquire about pricing and availability. 

Love the energy of a group setting and/or working out on your own time?

My workouts are perfect for prenatal  moms  looking for a safe and effective way to move their bodies through pregnancy that will not only prep their bodies for birth, but also equip them with skills to recover postpartum.

By joining my monthly membership,  you gain access to pre-recorded workouts, live workouts (coming soon), and mini workshops.


Coming Soon.

"After bouncing around a few local studios I found Kathleen and have been working with her for a few years. Her Pilates knowledge is incredibly layered with different poses on multiple apparatuses for many skill levels. One of her strengths as an instructor is that she is continually educating herself and loves being a student of her work. Specifically she has helped strengthen my own weaknesses from carrying twins as well as every day life. She also helps collaborate my specific fitness goals and challenges which is one of many reasons I value my time with her."
Whitney J.
"I love working with Kathleen! I have been going to her for two years. She has really helped me, especially with my rheumatoid arthritis and becoming pregnant. She is very knowledgeable and willing to help modify in anyway if you need that. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn about Pilates or pre/postnatal fitness to work with Kathleen!"
Kate B.